Mini Plantain Sandwich

January 29, 2019

This sandwich is one easy snack to make on weekends, you don't need a list of 10 ingredients before you get this done, all you need is plantain and any other vegetable you have in your kitchen.
I filled mine with cucumber and carrot to keep it simple and besides that was all I had at that time. You can add onions, peppers,  cabbage, egg, beef etc, but try as much as possible to keep the sandwish healthy.

• 1 ripe plantain
•  vegetable oil
•  Any veggies / fillings of your choice.

1. Slice plantain (not too thin) and fry in oil without salt.

2. Dice your veggies in a way they would fit the plantain (I recommend circle shape)

3. Place one slice of fried plantain in a clean flat plate, then add the filling, cover  with another slice of fried plantain. Insert a tooth pick from the top of the sandwich to hold the plantain and filling together .

Your mini plantain sandwich is ready!

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