List Of Commonly Used Cooking Terms And Techniques

January 10, 2019

Have you ever watched a chef cook on TV before or visited a food blog and you saw/  heard the chef using terms that you’re not familiar with and you’re wondering what’s he trying to say?,  Mari… What?…. And at The end of the day you’re lost. 
Don’t worry I’m here for you. I have helped you to put together a list of some common terms used when cooking.

1. Mince
This is used when you’re referring to chopping something into very tiny pieces

2. Pran broil 
This involves cooking food, especially meat in a skillet without adding fat and removing any fat as it accumulates

3. Preheat
To heat an oven for few minutes or till it reaches a certain temperature before using it. 

4. Saute
This means to heat little amount of oil till it’s hot and cook or brown food in it.

5.  Simmer 
This is to cook food in liquid just below boiling point (not enough to create bubbles). 

6. Toss
To lightly mix ingredients by lifting and dropping them using two utensils.

7. Whip
To use a wire whisk or electric mixer to beat a food lighlt and rapidly. This process allows air to incorporate into the mixture and increases its volume.

8. Poach
This means to cook food in a simmering liquid.

9. Marinate
To allow a sauce or mixture of liquid and spices to absorb into something (e.g chicken).  This adds flavor to the food. 

10. Emulsion
It is the mixing of two liquids which usually will not mix together. To make this possible you must use a bonding agent known as an emulsifier. 
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