Is Beans Really Good For You?

January 23, 2019

I was not a big fan of beans when I was young and I really don’t know why,  maybe it was because of the taste or color or even the fact that sometimes it affects my stomach. I stumbled on a research on beans and almost immediately I began to have “feelings” for beans.
Trust me when I say beans is good for you, I hope this post would help you consider beans again 

1. High source of protein 
It’s amazing that a half cup of beans has 7g of protein which is equal to one ounce of chicken or meat. Non-meat eaters substitute beans for meat so that their body would not be lacking protein.

2. Rich in Fiber 
Beans are rich in Fiber which helps you feel full without consuming much food. Which means beans is a good weight loss food!

3. May reduce the risk of cancer 
 Beans are rich in antioxidants, which helps to  protect our  body against free radicals that causes damage to  cells in our body and could result in cancer. 

5. Good for the heart 
Consuming beans has been said to reduce the risk of heart attack, heart diseases  or any other cardiovascular disease. Beans is low in cholesterol which makes it good for the heat
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