How To Use Carrot Oil For A longer And Shining Hair

January 23, 2019
Guess what friends, carrot oil can help grow and shine your hair. It had been used in many hair products for getting a healthy hair.
Here are some ways to use carrot oil on your hair
1. In Shampoo 
Mix carrot oil with your shampoo whenever you want to wash your hair.  It’ll make your hair shine more and also give it strength.

2. As Pre-poo 
You can use carrot oil as a hair conditioner for your pre-poo. Simply mix your carrot oil with other oils like coconut oil,  lavender oil,  olive oil, pepper mint oil. Warm the oil mixture and apply to your scalp and hair, then cover with a plastic bag. Leave for 15 – 30mins then shampoo.
3. Carrot oil and egg conditioner 
Egg is used to condition hair because of it contains protein that is good for your hair.
Mix 2 eggs with 3 teaspoon of carrot oil and 2 table spoon of money. 
Apply to your hair, cover with a shower cap and leave it for 30mins and rise off. 

4. Direct application 
You can also apply carrot oil directly to your hair for quick hair growth.

Hope this helps you. If know other ways to use carrot oil please comment below. And lf you have used carrot oil before kindly share your experience with us. Thanks 
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