Good Reasons To Eat Pawpaw

January 23, 2019

Pawpaw is a kind of fruit, pawpaw is a kind of fruit, sweet like sugar yellow like fanta, everybody likes pawpaw, Pawpaw!.
Hahaha don’t mind me that was one of the songs I  sang during my primary school days. I’m sure you’d know the song if you attended a school like mine.
Pawpaw is tropical fruit that is rich in vitamin C having its botanical name as carica papaya. It’s a fruit that is green on the outside but yellow or orange on the inside.
Here are 5 reasons why you should eat this fruit:
1. Promotes weight loss
Pawpaw is a fruit that is low in calorie which makes it a great weight loss food. Even though pawpaw is sweet it’s so good to know that pawpaw contains a low amount of sugar and it’s also high in Fiber.
2. Helps in digestion
This fruit contains an enzyme called papin which may make it easy for the body to digest protein. Papaya is considered as a remedy for constipation by people in the tropics .

 3. Good for the skin
Pawpaw is rich in vitamin C and Lycopine which helps to protect the skin from sun burn and can reduce sign of aging.

4. Improves Heart health
The Lycopine and Vitamin C in pawpaw helps to prevent the heart from diseases.

5. Prevents Cancer
The seeds of pawpaw contains actogenin which can help prevent cancer cells from growing in the body.
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