Best Baking Ingredient Alternatives

January 23, 2019
Are you  thinking of going Vegan or you want to have a change of diet but you love baked food?  Don’t worry I’ve got you covered. I’ve made a list of some healthy baking ingredient alternatives which will help you satisfy those cravings of yours and also, for those with sweet tooth you have nothing to worry about.
These alternatives are not  just hea6lthy but they are not boring too!.  They help make your baked food taste just like the normal ones with a lots of artificial ingredients.
Here’s a list of some baking ingredients and the healthy ingredients you can replace them with 
1. Butter
Butter can be replaced with:
• pureed avocado 
• apple sauce 
• Mashed bananas 
• nut butters (almond butter,peanut butter etc) 

2. Sugar
Sugar cab be replaced with:
• Natural Honey 
• Agave nectar 
• Maple syrup 
• coconut sugar
• ripened banana 
3. Dairy milk 
Dairy milk can be replaced with:
• Almond milk 
• Tiger nut milk 
• Peanut milk 
• Oat milk 

4. Eggs 
Eggs can be replaced with:
• Apple sauce 
• flax seed meal
• Chia seed

5. Butter milk 
Butter milk can be replaced with :
• lemon and non dairy milk 
6. Oil
Oil can be replaced with :
• Apple sauce 
• mashed bananas 

7. Refined white flour 
White flour can be replaced with:
• coconut flour 
• Nut flour (almond, tiger nut,) 
• wheat flour 
• Oat flour 
• brown rice flour 
• Pureed black beans 
• whole grain flour.
Some of you might be wondering if it’s worth it but I tell you it really is. Your body will respond to you in the right way when you feed it with the right food and these law cannot be broken.
Don’t wait till you are sick before you eat the healthy meals, eat them now and safe your money. 
Don’t forget you are what you eat!
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